BLOG OF THE WEEK – Friends vs Enemies



“Me against Enemies, me against Friends
somehow they both seem to become One”
-Nicki Minaj


I’ve never been a Follower, nor do I care to be anyone’s Leader. I’m just going to keep doing Me. They can pretend to be the H.B.I.C. (Head.Bitch.In.Charge) all they want, but that’s NOT going to get them anywhere in life. I don’t need 10 girls to make me feel like I’m the shit, I rather be the Bitch that’s getting Money, now that’s the SHIT!


“Don’t chase the pussy, chase the money. If you got Money, the pussy will come chasing.”


In my life I have had a lot of close people betray me. So my trust in people is very limited. Once you betray my trust, I honestly have no problem cutting you out from my life. I never ever acted like I’m too good for anyone. I’ve always showed the same respect to others as I wish to receive back. But once you disrespect me in any way, you lose my trust and my friendship. I no longer acknowledge you as a friend or an enemy. You’re just nobody to me now.

“Time is Money, so if you’re wasting my time, then you’re wasting my Money so get up out my face.”


There’s this girl I’ve been friends with for a long time. But jealousy was such an ugly trait for her. She smiled in my face yet was secretly hating on me. She would call me names and try to call me out on Facebook saying “I’m a Snake, that I’m Gay, that I’m a Fag Bot, and a Smart Ass.” If that was your friend would you tolerate that kind of behavior? Hell no! Those are fighting words. That bitch would of got her ass whooped in the streets!


“I don’t have time to hate on people, they hate me. Because I’m too busy loving the people who loves me.”


Bitches never even know what’s it’s like to be in the streets having Real Beef. I’ve seen and experienced it all. I’ve been around the Hood and I know first hand what’s it like. Back in the days, I worked in an environment with 100 bitches. If there was a girl who disrespected them in the dressing room or on the Floor they would of got a Heel to their head. Believe that! Bitches like to think that their actions won’t affect them, so they talk without thinking. But trust me, your words will catch up to you. If you speak to the wrong person, you will be sorry.


“If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything”


I’ve been spit on, I have been sucker punched, stabbed in the leg, and got my hair pulled off… But here I stand. Even when I saw this Crazy World from both sides; the Good and the Bad… I knew that Hell was not where I belong … and I will NEVER tolerate any Bitch to Disrespect Me again! As much as they try to, haters will never effect me.



Only I will be my own best friend and my own worst enemy. If I want to Lose a battle, I will battle myself. I’m the only one that knows my own strength and weakness. Can’t nobody tell me what I can and can’t not do besides Me. I have been used and abused too many times so I don’t have patience for ignorance. Once you’ve been burn you’re more careful when you play with fire.


“These bitches don’t really know what it’s like to walk in my shoes, they will never last 5 minutes in my 5″ heels!”


For those people who say “Keep your friends close, and keep your Enemies Closer” is a bunch of bullshit. I would rather keep my “Friends Close, and my Family Closer”. I’m on my way to the top and I don’t have time to play silly childish games. While they’re busy playing checkers, I’m playing Chess. I’m always 10 steps ahead of you. You may think you beat me cuz you took my Pawn, but in the end I will be on top, Checkmate! You’re not even on my level to compete against me.  You gotta learn how to fix yourself before you try to fix others. How are you gonna try to run game on me when you got no game to begin with?! I’m too season, can’t nobody play me.



“Hate it or love it
The underdog’s on top
And imma shine homey until My heart stops
Go ahead and envy me
I’m raps MVP
And I ain’t goin nowhere
So you can get to know me”
-50 Cent ft. Game


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  1. Julie what I love about you is that you’ve always been about respect. Remember that whole ordeal about *ahem* while living together? What made you so gracious was the fact even though you knew how she was & everything you still let her into our home as long as she wasn’t being disrespectful to you in your presence because we were good friends & you understood.

    Your haters don’t phase you :) Just one less person you have to share your Julie love with and I feel bad for those people.

    • Sameeh! I love you and everything about you. I always had lots of love and respect for you. We made it through those rough patches, but I’m so thankful I have such a great friend like you in my life! :)

  2. You are funny! LOL. Keep it up dooks.

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