End of Summer Outings Downtown Life


Sunday Night Downtown Portland at the Barrel Room

[ Shelley, Em, Me, Chi Linda, & Anny ]


It was actually Crackin on a Sunday Night!! It was a super last minute idea and I can’t believe everyone showed up! Lol! Great way to do share an Unexpected & Lovely Event! Lol


[ Anny, Me, & Em ]


All these Girls have always kept it 100. I’m so thankful I have you beautiful ladies in my Life.


Night Out on the Town!!  Time to Go Dancing!

One too many Jäger Bombs for me! LOL


“I love my Bitches I love my Bitches

All my Bitches who ’bout their Riches

Diamonds on their Wrist; pose for the Pictures

Hairs & Nails did and their Heels so Vicious”

-Trina {My Bitches}

{Blurry But I Still LOVE IT!}

Miss Anny & Miss Juicy

[ Em, Jen, Me, Shelley, Anny, & Fay ]

I’m So Fadeddddd lol


Wednesday Night Happy Hour at Portland City Grill

[ Fay, Anny, & Me ]

Portland City Grill 30th Floor ^_^

Girls Night!!!!!!

[ Fay, Anny, Me, Shelley, Jennifer, Victoria, & Em ]

Take 2 hahaha


{ Portland City Grill Bathroom Pic }


Ended Our Girl’s Night off with Voodoo’s Donut!


LOL Naomi wanted to say Hi! hahahaha

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  1. I miss you! Love the girls!

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