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Back in High School Sophomore year I took Trigonometry Honors with Mr. Ball. He was one best yet one of the hardest teacher there was at BHS. Mr. Ball was Ruthless, just his name says it all! He would make anyone pee in their pants!


“What school you from, Benson!
What School you from, Benson!
Put it up for your mascot, Techman!
Put it up for your mascot, Teachman!”


Solve the Quadratic Formula:


One day, out of all the students in the class he decided to use me as his Humiliation Device. He made me go up in front of the classroom and handed me a piece of chalk and asked me to solve this ‘foreign language’. I was so caught off gaurd! I looked like a Deer in the headlights. (I was kickin myself in the head, cuz the night before I was too busy on the phone cupcaking with my (ex) BF. When I should of been doing my homework…. )

There was 30 sets of eyes on me and there they were, all watching me struggling and sweating. My face was turning Tomato Red, and “Embarrassment” was an understatement. My teacher Punked the Shit out of me. I did the Walk of Shame back to my desk and cried in my jacket. (Yes I cry, who doesn’t?! I’m human, I bleed like ya bleed. It’s what I do after when I wiped my tears.)


“Tears are emotions you cannot hide.”


That night I had one of the smartest boy in my class, Chuck Pham come over to my house and Tutor me. We spent hours going over and over it until I could do it in my sleep. See I’m not afraid to ask for Help. Most people are too scared or embarrassed to seek for help, but not me.


“Close Mouths don’t get Fed.”


I didn’t stop there; one of my homegirl Thuy Linh had a Copy of the Key Test (from a previous student that has taken his class the year before). I studied each and everyone of those equations like there was no tomorrow, while others stole the same cheat sheet and only studied the answers.



When the test day came, I walked in and had my Game Face on. When we got the test, everyone was looking at each other cuz they realized this WAS NOT the same test as the Cheat SHEET. But that didn’t even break me, cuz I already knew how to solve each of them like it was nothing.

I zoom through all the equations like it was a race. I completed the whole test and set my pencil down and felt a sense of proudness. This time I was the one sitting back watching my classmates struggle.



The next day I’ve never been more excited to receive my test score back. It was my first 100% ever on a Trigonometry Exam. While others test scores were on the flip side. They were banking on the Cheat Sheet answers key to come up and didn’t prepared themselves with a Plan B.

The moral of the story is: Failure only Motivates me. When I fall, my first instinct is to get back up and to brush it off. To stay on my grind, and work 10x harder. To never be caught slipping and to always come ready for anything.


“I don’t have anything to prove to nobody but myself.”


I may look “pretty”, but I got Brains and Balls. I’m a different kind of breed. Most people would of gave up, would of blame their teacher or others for their failure… But I’m not a Hater, I’m a Motivator. I’ve always learn from all my mistakes and that’s how you grow to become a successful person. Failure is not an option for me.



“God gave you 2 ears and 1 mouth, so that way you can LISTEN twice as much than you SPEAK.”


Knowledge is Power. You’re never to young or too old to keep educating yourself. I haven’t met a person yet that knows everything. To better yourself you gotta Peep Game. Never give up, don’t ever stop trying. Life is a Lesson. It’s not a test. There’s no right or wrong way on how you learn, but it’s what you learn and how you apply it to Your Life…



“They said it was all a joke, but who’s laughing now!”

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  2. we had to memorize that equation. turned it into a song. good blogg my love. keep it comminnnnnn

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