BLOG of the WEEK! – I’m a Stronger person Today; than I was Yesterday


I believe everything in life happens for a reason. But I also believe that to truly get what you want, YOU gotta go out and make it happen. To succeed it’s 20% chance, and the other 80% it’s You making YOUR OWN LUCK! I’ve always been a Go-Getter, I could never just settle… If I wanted ‘something’ I wasn’t going to accept just ‘anything’. Its crazy to think that an average mind frame is to JUST SETTLE.



“I’m in a race, and taking the winners place
No foot on the brakes”
-Wiz Khalifa


Example: say you went shopping… You really want that flyyyy Bebe Dress for $120, but you settle for a $20 Dress at Forever 21. (I’m not knocking Forever, but what I’m trying to say is…) Self-consciously your mind has already told you “No, and that you don’t deserve to have it”. Or that Shirt in the window display was the one you really wanted, but instead you’re going to go look in the sale rack, and hoping maybe in 2 weeks it will go on “sale”. The sad part is; you’ll probably never go back for it.



“I’m gonna spend it all why wait for another day
Imma take all this money I own and blow it all away
Cuz I can’t take it when I’m gone”
-Wiz Khalifa


It took me this long to realized that I DO deserve nice things, and that its okay to have needs and wants. If you don’t have it by now… then you probably didn’t want it bad enough. I’m never goin to stop wanting more. It’s a sign of death when you stop dreaming. See what you need to do is, reward yourself first… You can’t help others if you can’t help yourself. Thats exactly how the government does it. When you go to work and get your pay-stubs, before you even get the checks in your hand, the government has already reward themselves by Taxing your ass.

“I don’t have much but I take all I got and that’s what I give,
What I get in return is the money I earn and the life I live.”
-Wiz Khalifa

Another thing is; you really have to be your own best friend. Look at yourself in the mirror and tell that person that they’re doing an excellent job. To keep grinding, to keep stacking, cuz it WILL pay off. You also gotta have tough skin because ALL odds are against you. Society doesn’t want to see you doing better then them, because Misery Loves Company. G.O.A.L.S. (Get.On.All.Levels.Successfully)- I’ve never played ‘Not to Lose’…. I’ve always played to WIN! Remember you can’t Win if you don’t Play. A Strong offense beats a Strong Defense.

“When I’m saying I’m ‘balling’;
that don’t mean Im playing man!”
-Wiz Khalifa

There can’t be any ups if there isn’t any downs. You can only know what it feels like to be on top of the world when you’ve actually been at the bottom. If you are at the bottom the only other direction is UP. There’s always a better day tomorrow. No matter what cards are dealt to you, you control your life’s decisions and determine what happens. People can do whatever they choose if they only allowed themselves to. Keep it positive and keep moving forward… – >

“N*ggas hate, they don’t say it but they think it.
When you lame I can’t hear what you sayin when you speakin.”
-Wiz Khalifa

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