Bamboo Stylus Review

Look!!! It was snowing in the mall today! ^_^ it’s crazy to think that Christmas is just around the corner!! We took Naomi to Pioneer Place hoping to catch Santa Clause but we were too late! “Santa had to go check on his Reindeers and will be back Tomorrow” boo!!! So to distract her, we let her play on those stepping Projector Floor Games! Those things are so AWESOME!!!! Even I like playing in it! (I don’t remember having those at the Mall when I was a kid! Hahaha) Then I had to go get my Starbucks fix! Naomi and I shared a Strawberry Smoothie and a Snack Pack to give us some energy to shop!! Got a lot of my Christmas shopping in today and I’m pretty happy with the stuff I got! ^_^

“From the world’s leaders in digital pen, Bamboo Stylus makes drawing, painting or writing on your iPad feel more natural.”

Do you guys like my Snowman drawing I just did using my New Bamboo Stylus!! This really helps me get inspired because I can do anything with this pen! I’ve always been the type of person who needs to write everything down otherwise I’m super forgetful! This really makes me feel more organized. Its usually hard typing on the iPad because I have long nails and it’s always a pain tapping against the wrong key all the time!! (Or if you’re guilty of having FAT fingers this is for YOU! lol) Plus the Bamboo Stylus works on my iPhone too which is perfect because  it’s useful and convent! I’m actually using it right now as I’m typing!!! It’s my Favorite iPad Accessories so far!! Naomi loves it just as much as I do! She had a blast doodling an learning how to write with this new Stylus Pen! It’s durable and it doesn’t feel cheap or plastic so I feel at ease when Naomi is playing with it. I love it and I know if you guys either have a iPad or iPhone, you would love it too! [[♥]]


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