My P.I.C. aka “April” Haircut!



My sister in law Chi Linda got inspired to shave her head too! Everyone has an alter ego, and Chi Linda is “April” (like how I go by Miss Juicy) ^_^ I love it when we both go out in public with our hair did… lol When Bitches see us, they start running the other way hahaha Please be VERY SCARED… We’re the Baddest Bitches doin it! hahaha


Naomi loves her God Mommy!

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  1. Aka April says:

    I forgot all about this..can’t believe this was almost 7 months ago! Thanks for editing and posting this up P.I.C. No regrets live life and loving it too bad the matenience is every week though, I feel u girl!!!! I <3 you

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