Thank You EVERYONE who Participated

& Showed me LOTS of LOVE!

I Appreciate Each and Everyone one of You!!!!


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  1. aracely says:

    Awwww I was the second to last name u pulled out:( I got so excited until krystals name came out…. But hey. That’s what happens u win or loose thx for the opportunity ;ulie:) congrats krystal!!! And julie I love ur fade and I most say I love ur lipstick xoxo aracely aka sally

  2. Omg I was so close to winning this giveaway until u called krystal :( I was so excited but oh well u win or loose and I lost …. But congrats krystal julie great giveaway very exciting

  3. :D omfg!!! i won!! THANKYOU SOO MUCH <333 everytime you pulled out a name i thought it was me. but i never thought i'd win.. AHHHHH! thankyouuu <3

    • YAYYYY!!!! I’m sooooo glad you won Krystal!!!! I can’t believe i’m sending it to the UK (OMG I can’t believe I know someone from the UK!!! hahaha) but hopefully you’ll receive it soon!!!! ^_^ Love YOU! [[<3]] Julie

  4. congrats to the winner :) . i like your earrings they are nice and nice hair :)

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