5 Reasons Why You Should Never Give Up On Your Dreams

Discipline is what you want Now and what you want MOST. 

Hello Beautiful Humans!  I’m not much of a writer these days, but ever since I came back from Silicon Valley last month and meeting up with entrepreneurs all over the world, I haven’t been the same. Here’s 5 Reasons why you should never give up on your dreams.

Like my mentor Val Garland she has been in the fashion industry and doing makeup and hair for over 30 years and has worked on famous celeberites like Kate Moss, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Lady Gaga , Giselle, her A List celebrity is endless and her portfolio is lightyear out of this world. I also have plenty more mentors I look up to because of their work ethics and incredible value to the world.

Let me build a bridge and connect another huge mentor and in the music industry  and legendary man that really inspired me to keep on going is engineer Noel Lee. When he started his cable build his business people thought he was out of his mind trying to make something that already been done, but he didn’t let that stop him. He proved the world wrong and made the whole world listened. I had a personal tour inside the MONSTERS head quarter in Silicon Valley and watched how he built his multi billion dollar cable company Monster Products from the ground up. Little fun Fact Noel and Meek Mill’s created the 24 K Headphones and founder of Beats by Dr. Dre headphones. Say hello to the Original Godfather of Sound and has worked with thousands of musicians in his career lifetime. This totally lit a fire up in me to start back on my hustle and to go even harder. The main thing about me is that no matter what, I never give up. I mean never. I’ve failed over and over and over until I win. I keep trying and  there are times when I need to break away and refocus on whats import and and what’s not a priority at the moment, but for some strange odd reason, there’s some genetic code in me that keeps me pushing day in and day out. Trust me when you’re in a room full of Monsters, you adapt and soon become a monster yourself. It was a life changer moment

1. Change Your Mindset. First you have to really believe in yourself. Don’t be afraid to let go of your ego too. Everything checked at the door. Thinking “I’m not good enough” will never cut it,  hope for the best and the best will come.

2. BET ON FAITH & Family and to keep on bettering the world. You want to be kind to our earth and that’s why on Earth day today take your time to not cause harm to our beautiful environment not only for your own but for the future of kids every where. This is essentials to living a well balance lifestyle.  Tip on beating stress and dealing with anxieties.. Clearing your head with meditation and deep slow breathes helps when I feel like it’s tough. Breathe through it, everyone is carrying their own cross but God will never give you more than you can handle.

3. PRIORITIZE and get it Organized. Like skin cleansing, Exfoliate, Tone, Moisturizer, SPF , BB Cream or CC Cream and SKIN IS ON! I call this building your shield to fight problems against anti-aging and future set backs. Activate your Power and do it for yourself!

4. Mistakes Happens. That’s alright! It takes a set back to bring you to higher like a sling shot. You don’t know it but your going to get pass it in no time. Just enjoy the moments and LEARN from it and move on. Bounce back is easy when you’re in constant motion so keep it pushing.

5. Anything can Happen! Are you willing to put yourself out of your comfort zone? I’ve met many successful entrepreneur that had that DRIVE & Passion that nothing can stop them. Do that X a MILLION! Be a diamond and shine on!

“Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in.” - Bill Bradley

I know this is optional but proving all the limited mind people who were dream killlers who thought it was a joke, you finally see the satisfaction of proving the nayesaers and the negative people wrong and they will talk, but now let’s welcome them and embrace that not everyone will like you, do it for the Dream Chasers. Be You and stay strong and keep dreaming!

Sending Lots of LOVE XOXO,




To my girlfriends:

To my girlfriends,

Through busy times, frustrating slow points, crazy days, and even nuttier nights, you’ve filled my life with beauty, care, and laughter.

I love you all to bits!

Living in Downtown Portland has it perks. I love it that my house is always the place where my girlfriends come to get ready before going out to the clubs. We are not about that drama life, so it’s a rare when we can all find that time together and have some fun.


 The key is keeping yourself to yourself. Keep your mystery. Don’t give them too much information so they can’t define you.


  COFEE DATE IS A MUST! I love spending as much time with this little girl. 

Another way to my heart…

Naomi’s homemade fresh eggrolls! Let me know if you guys want the recipe.

Downtown Portland Park Playdate with Auntie Kalong!

After a fun day in the sun, time for a ice cream break.

 SWEET TREAT! First Time to Salt & Straw and it was GOOD!

So predictable… Mama got coffee flavored.

Hello Sunshine! Cooling at the Teacher’s Fountain.

Summer with Naomi & her girlfriend Campbell at her Preschool.

Shoutout to my girl Kalong! She took me to my first Beer Feast in Oregon.

After a couple of beers and feeling extra tipsy had to get me some chips!

Strawberry Margarita are the BEST!


Girls Love MAC! My cousins are the BEST! They keep me forever young!

Champagne Sipping! Celebrating Lilly’s Birthday outings.

Pretty much sums up on how my summer was in 2014! Now time to make more moves.

Here I am at Dosha on 5th, my old work. Had my favorite hair stylist give me a quick trim.

Talented, Smart, & Loyal… I like that!

Be ready to take risks and create new opportunities for your future!

XOXO- JulieMissJuicy