12.21.12 END OF THE WORLD – What To Do Before You Die


Hi everyone! If you’re reading this.. Then thank Goodness you’re still ALIVE! ^_^ I’m using my brand new MacBook Air that I got as an early Christmas Present from my Man! Philly already has a 15″ MacBook Pro Reina Display and he said this mini Laptop suites me more, and is easier to carry around for Work, Blog, and great to browse on the web.

I couldn’t ask for a better present!! YAY more reason to Shop Online!!


Another thing that came in the mail today is my niece Alyssa’s gift I got off Amazon.com! I got her a Sterling Silver Diamond Accent Infinity Necklace because it was one of the items off her Christmas List! SHHHHH… It’s really from Santa! 

Since its Friday… I thought it would Fun to share some of the things I would do before I DIE…


I know you guys think I’m crazy, but I would NOT want to go down looking WHITE!

Here’s me at Celebrity Tan Salon getting nice and Golden!

I tried something new today and bought one of the Tanning Lotion packages hoping that it would get me darker…


Celebutante Rich 19 (XIX) Bronzing Technology .5


Here are the Top  BEST Tanning Lotions that I’ve tried and Recommend!


If I had to choose my outfit to wear in my coffin.. it will be ALL GOLD EVERYTHING!

Shoes & Jumper by Fredrick’s of Hollywood 

I can’t resist a good Sale! Can you believe this Jumper was 75% off!!!

Bargin Shopping is one of my many talents! ^_^

Here’s my Outfit Of The Day from my cousin Victoria’s 22nd Birthday Party



Those crazy nights with your bestfriend that you will remember forever…

… true friends grow separately without growing apart. 


Model - Rosa

Eyelash Extensions by JulieMissJuicy

I can understand why some people really hate their job, but I’m one of the few who LOVEEEEE what I do as a living!

There is a dimensional difference between those who do makeovers and makeup artists. One is something that is taught, something that is generic, something that is predictable. The other, the artist, is one rooted by their talent. Artists are not confined by clichés, format or figure. Their one and only law is to be a slave to passion and talent….

#5 Make My Baby Happy


Being a mom to a small toddler is a lot of hard work, but I’m absolutely enjoying it! It’s definitely the hardest and most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. At this point in my life, I just want to be the best mom that I could possibly be. I want to learn everything that there is to make sure my daughter continues to be a happy and healthy child.

Naomi’s Pediatric Doctor prescribed her some Amoxicillin (Anti-biotics) and now she’s feeling better already!


I pray that you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and holiday this year.

2013 is going to bring a lot of new and exciting things and  I am very excited to share my journey with you all.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, from my family to yours!


A Hustler’s Prayer – Flashback Friday

“I aint infatuated by money, just the thrill of the chase..”

Friday took forever to get here, but it’s here!!! This month has been so crazy! Stepping back into my parent’s Travel Agency Office has been a complete blast from the past! Coming up here reminds me of how hard my parents had to hustles to make their business work. I have some really big shoes to fill, and I’m up for the challenge.They taught me hard work and dedications is what makes the dreams work, and I’m not going down without a fight.

Some where in the crazy mess I found our old Family Albums and I couldn’t help but post my memories for all of you guys!

Pictures are priceless and amazing because even though time has past, the images will forever remind stuck in time. In middle school we didn’t “like” pics, we “own” them.


“I’m on the pursit of happiness.”


I learn a lot about myself through my past. My family is my religion and I owe it all to them for believing in me and supporting my struggles.

I went to Temple last Monday and this is what I prayed for:


Dear God, 

I’m searching my heart this morning for people I’m holding hostage and people I’ve sinned against. I’m releasing my hostages through forgiveness and asking You to forgive me for anything I’ve done to offend anybody I don’t know of. Forgive me if I cause any of your little ones to stumble because of something I said or did. I want to be free so I choose to forgive and I’m asking for forgiveness. I choose not to hurt in retaliation. I choose to worship in spirit and in truth. 

Please guide me Lord and hold my hand as we walk together to the Promise Land. Teach me to better myself everyday and help me become a better Mother to my daughter.

I have accepted my roll and my path, and I am willing to travel with You mentally and spiritually. Thank you for helping me make decisions based on what I know; rather than what I feel. I love you with all my soul and I thank You for blessing me.

Forever Humble & Grateful,  

[[♥]] Julie