The Power of A Positive Mind



It’s amazing how much better everyone else gets when you work on yourself. Okay, the pointless pity party is now over. What am I going to do to change what I don’t like? Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the commonplace the slaves of the ordinary! You are a beginner at the beginning. We are all beginners at the beginning. That sounds obvious, right? And yet, beginnings are daunting.

It’s not where you start your path; it’s what you decide to do along the way.

Early in my career as an entrepreneur, I thought that if I ever wrote a book, it would be in the voice of Dr. Seuss: “Problems here, problems there, problems everywhere!” It’s true: my road to success has been paved with failures, setbacks, and every flavor of problem under the sun.

If you’ve committed to following your authentic passion down a path to create something truly meaningful, with a positive mindset and the support of people who will help you make it happen, congratulations. You’re all on your way to creating an extraordinary life. But there’s more. Without stamina, you’ll tucker out before you arrive. That’s why you need extraordinary perseverance to fuel you on your journey.

Dreaming big is great. But you still need a work ethic and a will that is at least as big as your dreams. Never assume that success is set aside for the predetermined few who always have the wind at their back. Nor is success only for those who never fall down. Success is simply for those who persevere- those who get back up, dust themselves off, and try all over again.


Julie x


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