Election Day 2012


Today I took Naomi to the Multnomah County Library to drop off our voter’s ballot and I never felt so proud to be an American Citizen.

Last night we went over to my in-law’s for dinner and when I asked them in Vietnamese who they were voting for, they told me they’re not voting at all… It was strange to me because their Election Envelope was on the counter and wasn’t even opened yet. Here are some of the reason why most people in the United States don’t vote, it’s because they don’t understand English, and they can’t read it. So as my duty as their daughter-in-law, I translated the whole ballot in Vietnamese so they could know what they’re voting for.

I strongly suggest you go out there and vote. No matter what your race or your age is, you have a Voice. We are so privileged to be living in a country that we CAN vote and have the say on what’s going on in our City. This isn’t a popularity contest, it’s who you believe will serve our Country justice and will be the best voice for the people.

I want to teach my 3 year old daughter to live in a world where she can stand up strong in what she believes in. To know you can make a difference in society if you put your effort in making a change.


My only wish for our 2012 President is if he can provided our children with the best education for the public schools, and help take care of the sick people who can’t help themselves. To have more opportunities for the ones that needs jobs, and to keep our Country Safe from harm and danger. Let’s keep moving forward, and keep living freely.

These are the reason why I voted, and I hope you do too. It doesn’t matter if you want Romney or Obama to be our 2012 President, just make sure you turn in the Ballot today and make a difference. Get Out The Vote [[♥]]



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