VLOG Australia Summer ’16 – Sydney Opera House – Jin & Jessica’s Wedding

Video and photos was all taken and created on my iPhone 6. I couldn’t be happier on how this VLOG slide show capture our highlights from our family getaway. What a memorable trip of a lifetime. We got to explore Down Under and see different animals that live in Australia from Kangaroos to Koalas. The best part was taking Naomi’s Grandma and Grandpa along with us and having them see a whole new side of the world. Naomi has family in Cabramatta and we flew across the ocean to see her Aunt Jessica get married. That was a special moment for us, we watch and witness two happy couple say ‘I Do’ and vowels to one another, the bride was stunning and the wedding was beautiful.

The Sydney Opera House structure and steps were iconic! We were lucky we stayed in Sydney for 3 weeks because we got to come back to the Circular Quay many times after this. I highly recommend utilizing every transportation available because parking in the city is very expensive. We loaded up our Opal cards with money and walked to the bus, metro on the train. You can use your Opal card to travel on these Sydney Ferries services which we did to the Taronga Zoo planes, 12 Seat Van Rentals, and UBER Services. Before we got there we did some research and found a house that sleeps 12 from Airbnb. You can check out the villa that we stayed here.

Any time we travel to a country or a state we never been to, we research for fun and exciting things do while we’re there. We knew that we wanted to go the the SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium, an amazing underwater journey through Austrialia’s unique freshwater and marine environments. Get up close to thousands of incredible aquatic animals, including huge sharks, stunning stingrays, and playful penguin.
When we got up to the ticket booth there was a sign for 5 attraction pass and it was a deal we couldn’t pass up. Not only will this pass get you into all five attractions at a great discounted rate compared to standard gate prices, it also gives you a whopping 30 DAYS (we were there for 3 weeks so why not!) to visit the other four attractions after you’ve visited SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium – so you don’t have to go to them all on the same day!

This great value combo pass gives you a single entry to SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium AND ALL FOUR of these other top Sydney attractions:
Madame Tussauds Sydney
WILD LIFE Sydney Zoo
Sydney Tower Eye
Manly SEA LIFE Sanctuary

When we’re together we feast, drink, and laugh non stop. I remember going to the best Brazillian steak house at the Darling Harbour. We just got finished checking out the SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium and we were borderline starving. We intentionally saved our stomach for dinner because Jessica & Jin reserved us a table Braza and it’s all you can eat. It was so worth it!

We can’t wait to come back one day soon! Thanks for reading!


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