Val Garland School of Makeup MASTERED June 15 – Aug 15, 2015

My passion for makeup and art has brought me here and now I can say that all of my dreams have came true. Val Garland is an incredible mentor, and seeing her work with Vivienne Westwood was just the highlight of the whole thing! Another one of my purpose in life is to be backstage at Fashion Week with the Validation Team. This has been a fascinating tribe to connect with.

I wanted to take this course because I want to be the best makeup artist I can be. I still believe and trust my potential and everyone around me has seen the improvement in my mindset and my skills. I can take on any job now because I am more confidence in my magic. It’s something you can’t explain but it’s the emotion you feel when you just nail it. It’s that you got it or you don’t.


I love working for the brand MAC Cosmetics and i’m constantly learning so much.  Just got finished with Basic Training and now moving onto getting Advanced Makeup Application Certified.

Miss Kalong and I at MAC COSMETICS VIVA GLAM Charity Event



Accomplishments at MAC Cosmetics:
For the first month Julie made 107% over her sales goal.
She was the top ringing sales associate at 68% in the store to get emails and color profiles on records.
Completed 4 makeup application bookings.

The projects and exercises test shots I have done so far has been mostly perfecting my techniques on skin and makeup. With my background in sales and focus dedication I have learn so much by meeting and touching every day women. From the youth to more mature skin and it’s been a great lesson. Every person who sits in my chair is a chance to sharpen and advance my makeup skills and make them feel beautiful and teach them something. Makeup should be fun no matter what age, sex or race, It’s about the story you are trying to tell for that day. I strongly believe beauty, style, and art has no language.



Val Garland is a deep well of knowledge with 30 years of experiences as a top leading key artist in the industry. The most World-renowned makeup artist. This Mastered online course changed my life. If you want to advance your career, you have to go out there and get your work!

Sending lots of XOXO,