To my girlfriends:

To my girlfriends,

Through busy times, frustrating slow points, crazy days, and even nuttier nights, you’ve filled my life with beauty, care, and laughter.

I love you all to bits!

Living in Downtown Portland has it perks. I love it that my house is always the place where my girlfriends come to get ready before going out to the clubs. We are not about that drama life, so it’s a rare when we can all find that time together and have some fun.


 The key is keeping yourself to yourself. Keep your mystery. Don’t give them too much information so they can’t define you.


  COFEE DATE IS A MUST! I love spending as much time with this little girl. 

Another way to my heart…

Naomi’s homemade fresh eggrolls! Let me know if you guys want the recipe.

Downtown Portland Park Playdate with Auntie Kalong!

After a fun day in the sun, time for a ice cream break.

 SWEET TREAT! First Time to Salt & Straw and it was GOOD!

So predictable… Mama got coffee flavored.

Hello Sunshine! Cooling at the Teacher’s Fountain.

Summer with Naomi & her girlfriend Campbell at her Preschool.

Shoutout to my girl Kalong! She took me to my first Beer Feast in Oregon.

After a couple of beers and feeling extra tipsy had to get me some chips!

Strawberry Margarita are the BEST!


Girls Love MAC! My cousins are the BEST! They keep me forever young!

Champagne Sipping! Celebrating Lilly’s Birthday outings.

Pretty much sums up on how my summer was in 2014! Now time to make more moves.

Here I am at Dosha on 5th, my old work. Had my favorite hair stylist give me a quick trim.

Talented, Smart, & Loyal… I like that!

Be ready to take risks and create new opportunities for your future!

XOXO- JulieMissJuicy