How to create a flawless complexion and color correct makeup


VIEWS  from my penthouse downtown.

The month of March has been absolutely amazing! Are you guys loving the sunshine as much as I am? I just realize that I’ve been completely distance from the world lately and slacking on my blogging! I swear I’m not trying to avoid you guys, I just been really really really busy! I decided to spend the whole day dedicated to uploading pictures on what’s been happening in my life!

Before we can create something in our worlds, we need to craft it in our heads. As Vincent Van Gogh write about his masterpieces, “The thing has already taken form in my mind before I start on it.” It’s true for paintings, and it’s true for our lives as well. If we see it, there’s a good chance we can figure how to do it.

This week at the Studio… my model Lily Le called me up for a special event.

My Job:  Create a flawless rockstar look  and cover up the mark on her chin.

Before & After


For great flawless coverage I always turn to MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Products. They’re the best for hiding any unwanted problem areas.

I started with MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Elixir - An innovative serum that instantly hydrates and adds radiance to the skin.

Prepped the the face with HD Microperfecting Primer and applied Invisible Cover Foundation #125 Sand – for light skin with beige undertone.


I also used MAC Pro Longwear Concealer


I filled in Lily’s eyebrows with MAC Eyebrow Pencil Spiked

I added M.O.D.E.L 21 False Eyelashes for a bigger Doll Eye’s appearance.

For the Lips: I used MAC Naked Liner and layered MAC Myth Lipstick with MAC Sheen Supreme Lipstick Behave Yourself for light pink color.

Quickly added some wavy soft curls with a 1.5″ curling iron and this completes the look.

When I’m at work my daughter Naomi gets babysat over at her grandma’s and

Look what my mom made for fun.. a Pink Toddler & Tiara’s Ball Gown Dress


Her little pecks won’t even hold up the dress

As if my princess isn’t spoiled enough..

Her Daddy just gave her an iPhone so she can take pictures … What has the world come to…

Naomi’s crazy about Candy Crush so please send her some lives! She’s only on Level 35

Here’s my baby suppose to be napping… Instead she’s making Siri spell out gibberish on her Notes.

On my Day-Off’s I love taking her to go play.  Here’s some pictures from OMSI with Daddy

Naomi’s first time petting a snake because it’s YEAR OF THE SNAKE

Life’s a Beach! She loves digging in the sand and making new friends.

I can watch my daughter play for hours! It’s wonderful seeing how fast she’s growing up and how well she interact with other kids.

LUNCH BREAK! Here’s Daddy & Naomi at Theory a new eatery at OMSI

At the end of the day I’m so thankful to have my little family.

We’re not perfect, but we’re happy and that’s more than I can ask for.

The HIGHLIGHT of my week is… having my Kassab Jewelery Designer Manila personally deliver my diamonds to the studio!

Thank you so much girl for my Versace Earrings and for all the things you do!

Say Hello to my NEW TACORI Rose Amethyst 18K White Gold Cocktail Ring.

 Sometimes I pinch myself to see if my Life is a really REAL… because I honestly don’t want to wake up from my Dream.

I love all the wonderful people that makes my world positive and I appreciate all the support from my friends and family helping me build my career as a Makeup Artist.  My only addiction I have is accomplishments and to always self educate myself. This is my year to shine and I’m not going to stop. I have too many people riding on this bet and I can’t lose. Thank you for believing in me, I will not let you guys down and I will only go Harder.

Love Always,





Yves Saint Laurent at POPSUGAR Shopping


Tips on getting an long lasting and non-patchy finish:

1: do a couple broad strokes with the flat of the applicator on your bottom lip – doesn’t need to be tidy (fyi I don’t wipe off any excess from the applicator in advance)
2. using the tip of the applicator, line your upper lip
3. fill in your upper lip
4. tidy up the bottom lip
5. smoosh and rub your lips together (DON’T do this step earlier! IME, rubbing your lips together before you’ve fully applied the colour on your lips, it results in a patchy finish)
6. Do the finger test (purse your lips around a finger and pull out the finger – so sexual, I know :P ) to remove any excess gloss

If you wanted to layer on another layer for extra longevity or more opacity, I’d recommend waiting around 30secs to let the stain set. Blot (remember to blot or your second layer may end up a bit clumpy/uneven), then repeat the same steps.

Yves Saint Laurent at POPSUGAR Shopping





OCC Lip Tar – Hoochie


OCC Lip Tar combines the longevity of a lipstick, with the ease of application of a gloss. Goes on slick and moist, and dries down to a satin finish. Ultra-saturated in color, Lip Tar contains an unprecedented amount of pigment – a little goes a very, very long way! An intense yet featherweight layer of color that stands up to the scrutiny of Hi-Def Video and Digital Photography, without ever looking (or feeling!) heavy. Meant to be mixed, Lip Tar comes in concise array of colors for a limitless selection of shades made by you!

Like all of OCC products, OCC Lip Tar is 100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free, and is also free of parabens and other harsh preservatives. A simple, elegant formula that contains Hemp Oil, Peppermint Oil and Vitamin E, OCC Lip Tar feels as good on the lips as it looks!




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