2012 Winter – Style Fashion LookBook


PDX Can you guys believe this crazy weather we’ve been having lately? NUT-SO!
Well my Love, you’re in for a Cozy Treat! I just put together these 2012 Winter Outerwear Fashion LookBook
that will keep your Warm & Sexy!


“I can’t stand the rain! (uh-huh, uh-huh)
‘gainst my window (against my window)
I can’t stand the rain! (uh-huh, uh-huh)”

Missy Elliott ~ The Rain {Supa Dupa Fly}

Top 5 Styling Tips:

-Be Daring and show off your Wild Side with these amazing Faux Fur Jackets & Vests!
-Classic Colors for the Holidays: Red & White
-Always Dress for the Weather
-Army / Military Style are favorite Looks
-Every Boss Lady needs a taylor-Fit Black Professional Peacock-Coat

Here’s over 40 Ways on how to tie a Scarf that will be very useful for this Cold Chily season!

It’s Trendy and Personalizes your looks and adds Beautiful Layers to your Outfit!


Halloween is creeping up and I have no idea what I’m going to be yet!!

Last year I was a Ninja Turtle, and the year before that I was Princess Jasmine…

Now this year my 3 year old Daughter is the one that’s more excited than I am to go Trick or Treatin’!

Here are the best Disney Princess Costumes I found so far.




2012 President Election Poll - Cast Your Votes!

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Did you guys all watch the Vice President Debate? WHO’S ALL VOTING?! I’m so Voting for Biden! He was such a character! I’m so glad that President Obama has him in the Office because he was cracking me up during the whole debate!

I don’t trust the Government, with that being said the only real person that I do believe in is Michelle Obama.
The White House deserves a Strong Powerful Leading Lady that will hold her Country Down at any National crisis.

That’s why I’m Voting for Obama / Biden for this year 2012 Election and I hope you all Stand Up and use your Voice to Vote!

XOXO [[♥]]


MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection – Never Before Seen Photos of the Style Icon

It’s almost midnight and I’m so happy that I got all my last minute Goodie Bags done just in time for Naomi’s 3rd Birthday party tomorrow! (Thank Goodness Wal-Mart opens 24/7 and big bags of 400 pieces of candy)

I love all my Sisters so much for helping us plan Naomi’s special day! Whoa, can you guys believe I haven’t had an anxiety attack yet! For the first time in my Life; I’m the CALM one before a Party!

My daughter is such a funny kid! She’s been going around town inviting everyone she sees! Saying “We Can ALL Come!”

Even thought it’s HER birthday, I got a special present from Daddy too! The Marilyn Monroe Collect from MAC Cosmetics! They just hit the store shelves Oct 4 and they’re about Sold Out every where! I’m so lucky to got my hands on these because this is exactly what I’ve been wishing for!


Channel your own inner Blonde Bombshell with these Limited Edition Make-Up Collection. MAC Cosmetics are the first to released these Never Before Seen Photos of Style Icon Marilyn Monroe when she was only 36 years old. This is a wonderful tribute to the Legend and the Specially designed packaging features imagery from The Black Sitting.

I’m in love with her four shades of Red Nail Lacquers and I can’t wait to use them all!





Okay gotta recharge my batteries for the Big Pizza Party tomorrow! It’s going to be a Crazy Day full of Sugar High Babies and Kids Gone WILD Who doesn’t love Candy during Halloween Season!

XOXO [[♥]]