2012 Girls Spring Break in Seattle



I love Denny’s Breakfast! What a great way to start my Mommy-Spring Break! I ordered the Strawberry Short-Pancakes Breakfast Meal with Scramble Eggs, 1 Sausage, 1 Bacon, & Hash browns. Philly order the Sizzling Breakfast Platter, and Naomi order a Grill Cheese with Grapes! Talk about Feasting!!! Breakfast of Champions!



Then we did a Starbucks run so I can wash it down with a nice White Chocolate Mocha! Ohhh… HURTS SO GOOD!!




Daddy and I both went in and got lined up together at Champion’s Barbershop on MLK.

Tyler is the absolute BESTTTTT!! Thanks for making me look extra SWAG-OLICIOUS ^_^ The Champion Crew always makes me crack up every time I’m in there, because all of them are super hilarious!! They’re such GREAT people and I would recommend anyone who wants to look fly and get their Swag back to stop in and get Cut Up! They really know what they’re doing!


I’m So Fancy!! I love wearing RED BOTTOMS!! ^_^ The key to wearing heels is, you gotta have great balance!




“The Best Time to make Friends is before you need them”

I love all my Sexy Cheetah Girls!!!


 Thanks Anny for Driving your car!!! I love Road Trips!!! But I hate FRIDAY TRAFFIC!

My Cheetah Girl Spring Pedicure I did myself!!! 

“I’m the KING!” 

I’m allowed to say what I want, laugh how I want, do what I want, be who I want – this is my life.

Keep looking my way. My head is held high. You wanna bring me down? I dare you try.


I love my ninja Victoria! She’s the my RIDERRR for LIFE!!!


Meet & Greet with my Lucky Fan Kelly & her Friends

It was nice meeting you girls! I’m sending you guys a Special Giveaway in the mail!

You girls are so LOVELY! Thanks for having us in your Store!

Which Spring 2012 Marc Jacobs Bag should I get? HELP!

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 $1.50 Store Daiso!! Stockin up on Lashes!!

Pink Ultra Lounge with the Cheetah Girls

Portland’s Finest in Seattle Reppin 503

Bianca & JulieMissJuicy 

[ I got my dress at Nordstroms in the B.P. Department ]

My girl Sunny from Tacoma 

I’m pretty sure we were On One! Thanks for the Late Night PIZZA #Kowabunga

Henny & Lemon Drop Shots!

JulieMissJuicy & Janis

 Pink Ultra Lounge Club Owner & JulieMissJuicy

Thanks for our Table and for having all of my girls at your club!

Fay & Anny Looking SMOKINNN!!!

This is what we look like the next morning! LOL #HUNGOVER!

Thanks Bun for the Pho & for helping us Pump our own Gas! LOL

Home Sweet Home! Time to Unpack & Unwind! I gotta go Wedding Dress Shopping for my Sister-In-Law tomorrow!  I had a blast with all my girlfriends! It was a Trip to remember and no matter what We will always have each others back! NOW I can’t wait until the Tyga Concert!!!!!!! [[♥]]