2012 Naomi’s Easter Weekend



This month has flew by so fast! I’ve been away on Super Mommy Duties and the month of April has blessed us with some great Sunny Weathers in Portland!  Spring has finally bloom and so has Naomi! She’s not a baby anymore and is all grown up! Naomi enjoys playing at the Park with her cousins and visiting the animals at the Oregon Zoo! I’m lucky to have one adventurous kid! She makes me stay Young Forever! Time sure flies when you’re having fun, I’ve missed blogging and sharing my Videos on YouTube so much that I stayed up all night editing our 2012 Easter Weekend Home Video. I hope you guys love it! Let me know what you guys think!!

How did you guys spend your Wonderful Easter? Leave a Comment and I’ll Holla back! [[♥]]



10 Wedding Dress Shopping Tips on How to “Say Yes To The Dress”




It has been an honor and a privilege to share this special moment with my Sister-in-Law Anh (Chi Hai) at her Bridal Appointment at David’s Bridal in Clackamas. Si & Anh’s wedding in two months on June 2nd, 2012 and both our family are super excited for them to finally get hitched!! (YAYY Chi Hai just asked me to be her Bridesmaid’s Make-Up Artist for the Wedding!! #YEAHHHH)


I love going Wedding Dress Shopping because it’s a Beautiful Moment for any women to experience! It’s a huge celebration and the Dress just has to be PERFECT for the Wedding Day!!! It has to flatter your body and bring out your true Beauty without breaking the bank!



Here’s some Wedding Dress Shopping Tips to help you choose that RIGHT one for you!

  1. Try not to bring too many people to the Bridal Salon because the more people you have, the more opinions you will receive. You don’t want them to over power your decision because at the end of the day, YOU’RE going to be the one walking down the aisle.
  2. Bring along Undergarments or Bustier Corset to try on with your Wedding Dress. I recommend wearing undergarments in a tone close to your skin color. The more similar they are to your coloring, the less likely you’ll see them through your dress. You will look and feel AMAZING!
  3. Know your body shape! If you are a petite girl like myself; Try keeping details small and the waist high to flatter your small frame.
  4. Bring extra Clothes pins! Most of the dresses in stock will probably not fit you perfectly, every wedding dress needs alterations to fit precisely to your frame. When your gown is altered correctly, you should be able to move comfortably with everything staying in place. Alterations can be as simple as taking in the waist and shortening the hem; in more complex alterations, the sleeves may be abbreviated, the bodice taken in, and lace or beads added.
  5. Please don’t forget to bring Heels to your fitting! That way the consultant can take down the right measurements when ordering your dress.
  6. If you already have a special veil or a head piece bring it along to the the appointment! That way you can get the whole WOW factor.
  7. Shop around, and do your research! Now a days you can find or design your own wedding dress Online! Print out pictures and bring them to your appointment so your Bridal Consultant can find the same or around your budget pricing that your comfortable with.
  8. Sleep On it – Don’t feel rushed that you have to make a purchased that same day. If you’re in love with a dress, but can’t make the finally decision yet go home and really think about it. It’s a huge deal, and you should feel 100% confident that you’re making the right Choice!
  9. It’s fun trying on wedding dresses, but limit yourself from trying on TOO Many! Just like how you found your Man of your Dreams, your heart will tell  you if it’s the one!
  10. Trust Your Instincts – If you have to be reassured that the dress looks great on you, it’s probably not the one. Is this how you pictured yourself looking as a bride? Can you really see yourself walking down the aisle in this grown? If not, take it off and move on.





So next time you’re shopping for a wedding dress, keep in mind my 10 Tips on How to “Say Yes To The Dress”!!! 

Happy Hunting Ladies and make sure you check out my Wedding Hairstyles!! [[♥]]