Friday Favorite – Food Porn Eye Candy (Please Don’t Lick Your Screen)

Happy Good Friday Everyone!!!! Here’s a chart I created on what a “A Typical Day” in the Life of JulieMissJuicy would look like… LOL It’s all Good FUN! I encourage you guys to make your own chart here! No two people are alike, and it’s cool to see how people really do spend their days.



Then I created another chart… on what My “Fantasy Day” would look like, or my ideal Mommy-Free Day. I hope you guys like it too! ^_^ HAHA! I would love to see how your guys Charts turn out!



Since I can’t eat meat today, I decided to dedicate my Friday Favorite to FOOD!!! Every morning when I wake up, my mind and stomach immediately thinks of Food, and usually when I’m eating Breakfast or Lunch, I’m thinking of what to eat for Dinner!! It’s a vicious FAT cycle but this is what happens when you’re the daughter of the Buffet King. Growing up I’ve alway took Place for my Family’s Eating Contest “Last Man Standing” because my appetite for yummy Food is pretty ridiculous. My mind will tell me to “put the donut down” but my mouth will keep on chewing… It’s like I lose all sense and control when I’m in front of Delicious Food!



Last weekend when we were Downtown in the Pearl we stopped by Elephants Delicatessen for Lunch! It’s this HUGE Deli that have absolutely everything your stomach and eyes can dream of! Your mouth begins to water as soon as you step through the doors. There’s something for everyone and you will leave totally satisfied!

Right when I saw the Big Turkey Leg, I couldn’t resist but to order it! I added a side of Greek Salad, and Snap Peas!

I love sharing my food, because I love eating and trying other people’s plates! Philly ordered the Garlic Fries and Sliders which I couldn’t help but nibble on! What I love about this place is They have a nice Sandwich Bar and that you can customize to your own taste!






After I was done feasting all I wanted to do was to Lay Down and to take a Nap! But instead we decided to walk off our food and go Shopping! We stopped by Urban Outfitters and they always have neat new stuff to look at!




It was St. Patrick’s Day and I was feeling a bit Festive!! GO GREEN!!! I’m so glad I didn’t get pinched this year!! ^_^ Like my Mustache! They call me Julió!


WHO Wears Shorts Shorts!!


Naomi adopted a new little puppy “Boo” They’re too cute!!!



We then stopped in at Moonstruck Café for a little snack! Yummy!!! Chocolate Heaven!! I got a Peanut Butter Milkshake and my niece Vanessa got a Chocolate one! They’re Macrons are from Papa Hayden and it just melts in your mouth!!


After a long day of shopping, we stopped by the Dollar Tree to get some crafts items so Vanessa & I can make our Beauty Board! Moments like these are the best because Fashion is a great way to do Girl Bonding Time! Brings me back to when I was a teenager, I use cut out magazine and put it all over my Bedroom Wall too! #FUN






Daddy was feeling a little bit left out so Naomi occupied him with a nice Foot Rub! Soo cute! Her Tiny Hands works wonders!  She made him feel so relaxed that Daddy said we can go have a Date Night!!! (Thanks Auntie Thao!)









We went to Pioneer Cinema and watched “Project X” (FUNNY FUNNY FUNNY) I love it when Daddy rents out the whole theater for just the two of us! Here I am with my SNACK PACK! My turn to kick my feet up and watch a MOVIE! I thought this movie was hilarious and I can’t wait to recreate it one day!! PARTYYYYY TIME!! 


The Next morning we woke up and was feeling super hungry! We just walked downstair to The Laughing Planet Cafe for some Healthy Breakfast! I got the Low-Carb Bowl with Chicken and a Hemp Hazel Nut Chocolate Cookie to start my day!






Another place I love going to that’s just across the street from our place is Pizza Schmizza! Here’s me and Naomi waiting for our To-Go Order!


 Lol She’s such a character! The Waitress gave her a piece of candy and Naomi wanted to show you guys what’s in her mouth!




15 minutes later we have ourselves a Fresh Medium Size Popeyes Pizza, Pepperoni Cheese Bread, and a Caesar Side Salad! YUM!


Daddy came home with groceries from New Season, and cooked us Delicious Tomato Garlic Risotto, Medium Rare Lamb, and Organic Brussels Sprouts! Dang I really wish I could eat meat today!! I hope you guys like my Favorite Friday!!! ohhh I wanna go watch “The Hunger Games” sounds like the perfect movie for me!!! ^_^ One Love!! [[♥]]






Check Out Some of My Food Videos from my Vacation in Vegas! TAP HERE TO DROOL




Celebrities Showing Off Their HOT Hair Buns

If you guys haven’t checked out my Hair Bun Tutorial go do that right now!! I hope this inspires you to be creative and Show your Ballerina Side!


Thanks everyone for sending in your Hair Buns Pictures! You guys all look Amazingly Glamours! These Hairstyles are Classic & will always be High Fashion and in Style!!


For Those of you who have Thin Hair and want to have a Fuller more Volume Look, I  found a cute little website that has all the latest and newest wigs! >>TAP HERE for Wonderland Wigs<< Bun Clip In’s that you attach on top of your head! All of the Celebrities are catching on and following this Fun Trend!!


 The Lovely Fashion Icon Kim Kardashian is known for her Classy Hair Buns!!! 

 I love this Sleek look on Kim, it’s a great way to show off any Accessories!

Even her Older Sister Kourtney Kardashian is rocking this Hair Do!

Who Looked Better with Their Hair Buns?

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Nicki Minaj sure knows how to grab your attention!

This Hot Rapper is a Fashion Chameleon

Just Try to Look Away!

She got Big Buns & I can’t not Lie!

Nicki’s Bride of Frankenstein Look

Nicki Minaj's Hair

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Beyonce is a Goddess Diva and a true definition of GLAM!!

Jennifer Lopez is back and loves showing off her High Bun on the Fashion Carpet!

 With all her hair pulled back, you can really see her J.Lo Glow

Another celebrity that I absolutly love watching on the Red Carpet is Kate Beckinsale! What a BEAUTY!!

Jessica Alba aka Hot Mama can work anything! Body looking like MILK!

Sexy in the CITY!

Sarah Jessica Parker ditched her frizzy hair for this Hair Bun and it’s looks great on her!

Christina Millian or “Mrs. The-Dream”  looks better than ever after having a baby girl!

 Sanaa Lathan is BROWN SUGAR! LOVEEE HER!!

Gwen Stefani Fashion Designer “L.A.M.B.”  strunts her way down the Catwalk with her Blonde Bun Hairstyle

My Fantasy Asian Girl Jamie Chung is looking stunning in her Hair Bun

Brenda Song is now Engaged to Trace Cyrus (the brother of Miley Cyrus) and are excepting a Baby!

NEW Changes for this Disney Star but she still looks like a Beautiful Angel!

Feathers are always a great way to accessories your Hair and make a Big Statement!

Go Get your Hairbrush and your Hairspray and Follow My 8 Easy Steps on how to do the Perfect Hair Bun NOW!

Which Celebrity Buns Do You Love More? CAST YOUR VOTES!

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