Man I will Marry:



Yeah… Sorry for completely boring everyone about my 50 STUPID ASS Questions Survey  haha I must of been hella BORED or HELLA Baked hahaha

I’ve always had a thing with Lists when dealing with Love. I guess it’s called having Standards. Well here is my List I made up in my head since I was 7 years old lol

List of The Man I will Marry:

  • Loves to play with my hair
  • Takes candid pictures of me
  • Listens to Hip Hop and R&B
  • Is very cultured
  • Likes Roast Beef
  • Has a passion for traveling
  • Makes me FOOD
  • Has a contagious laughter
  • Plays piano
  • Has a British accent (optional)
  • Loves to watch TV with me
  • Likes to sleep in a hammock
  • Wakes me up at night to take me out in the thunderstorm like “Sweet Home Alabama” lol



“Thanks for Reading & NAOMI LOVES YOU GUYS TOO!!”


Happy 3 Years Anniversary!!


Happy 3 Years Anniversary to my King Philly Styles!!!!


I hella give you mad props for being able to deal with my craZyyy ass for this long!!! ^_^ Hahahaha JK I’m so blessed to have you in my Life and Thank You for always putting Naomi & I first. You’re a True Definition of a Real Superman!


I can’t wait to spend the rest of my Life with you! & I Love You more than a Fat Kid Loves Cake!!


[[♥]] Your B.M.