My Couples Massage Session


I’ve been needing a massage for the longest time and finally, Philly said I can have a day off and go in for a body massage at the Fubon Reflexology place. Since he didn’t want to go with me I ask Chi Linda to join! So my P.I.C (Partner.In.Crime) and I went in for a Couple Massage together! ^_^



As I parked in a Fubon I made sure I got to blaze up before I went in lol. Next, I rubbed my body with Massaging Oil (I got at the Taboo Adult store ^_^) The Reflexologist mostly only uses Lotion so I wanted to make sure that my skin was like butter so he can really get into those tight knots without hurting me. (NOTE TO ALL) The Massaging Oil BEFORE hand was a brilliant idea!

I came in with a Bare Face, Spaghetti Strap Tank, White Shorts and Flip Flops! I was ready to Relax and get Pampered! ^_^



(Please Remember to silent your cellphone and be extra quiet and so you won’t disturb the other Clients.) A Japanese Screen Door Sections you off and you get a closed off area and made it more private.


Chi Linda and I both got comfortable and took off our Flip Flops and sat down on the edge of the nice Red Massaging Chairs. An older skinny Asian Man with glasses came in with a Big Barrel of Hot Steaming Water so I can soak my sore feet. He told me to lay down on my back and to relax…


This is where I closed my eyes and imagined Taylor Lautner’s hands massaging all over my body ^_^ LOL! The Mystical Chinese Melody in the background made me feel very Zen and I felt my inner peace with my Asian side. He started out by combing my Straight Long Hair through his fingers and gently pulling my hair side to side! (I must be a lil Freak cuz I LOVED it!!!!) He was shocked to see that my head was shaved on the other side and was questioning me why shaved it… Since I was really stoned, I quickly made up a story that my P.I.C. and I are on a Top Secret Mission and that we’re both really Ninjas Assassins, LOL to my surprised he believed me! Hahaha ^_^



His hands started on the very top of my head and he added medium pressure with his two thumbs right in the center of the top of my head… Wowwww no man has ever made my Spine feel so center and straight; just by a push of a button before! My body just melted! I felt like he just found my “off ” switch.



After he rubbed my whole head he worked his way down to my face and chin. His soft hands around my cheek bones, lips, nose, and ears. It felt so good I can feel my toes smiling! ^_^



He then got to my neck and my shoulders where the most of my pain was located. He made sure each muscle had it’s proper attention and slowly moved towards my arms. He must of knew I’ve been doing some weight lifting because my bicep muscles were hella sore. He evenly rotated my arms & shoulders into place and gently cracked each Finger knuckles! Ahhh… this is heaven!!! ^_^

If you like soft pressure; remember to let them know in advance or if it hurts while they’re massaging you, don’t be shy/scared to let them know to be more gentle. Since I was already under the influence, Mary Jane kept me relax and cool and made it so I can tolerate Very Hard Pressure LOL ^_^ Just what my body needed!!



So now we’re half way through the session and he just took my feet out of the barrel of water and dried my toes with a Towel. He gave each of my lil piggies some TLC and made me giddy from the wonderful feeling I was feeling in my foot! They were finally free and the relief from being trapped in 5″ Heels all the time. Lets just say My feet had an orgasm ^_^

I flipped over and my face was now down in a hole. He then moved up my calves and thighs and started going near my buttocks. He was getting closer and closer to my Money Maker and started shaking it with his palms! LOL ^_^ I couldn’t help but laugh cuz he was so damn ticklish! After 20 seconds of him rubbing my butt I think I made him felt uncomfortable by all my loud moaning; so he quickly moved up to my Back hahaha




My Back is the main reason why I’ve been begging and crying every day to go get a Massage. I have intense Nerve & Spine Pain due from pregnancy, and the epidural needle that they stuck up in my bones for my Emergency C-Section. Plus from all the wear & tear from my hard core body training at the Gym lately. I’m at a point in my Life where my body is starting to remind me that I’m not 18 any more! Lol

Those magical hands worked my back so good, that you can here my sigh of relief when he started cracking my bones! He even unhooked my bra straps so he can slide up and down my back and to stretch and pull it apart! Chi Linda was giggling next to me cuz she knew this was exactly what the doctor ordered. I no longer felt those tension and pain anymore and the Bitchiness was quickly seeping out of my body…


Next thing I know he was putting my arms behind my back like I was about to get handcuff and started to rock my body back in fourth and stretching it all the way back. My back finally feels like it can breathe again. I haven’t felt this bomb in so long. I didn’t want it to end but he gave me a tap and told me that my one hour session was up…


That was the best $20 I ever spent in my life!! Yes, I paid another man to touch my sore body and I Enjoyed every minute of it! He read my body with his every touch; and knew exactly what needed to be done to make me feel better… I can’t wait to go in and get Man Handle like that again!!! LOL Just thinking about those Hands got me cheesin’ right now! Thank you “Taylor Lautner”… You are Amazing!!! ^_^






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Personally; I think we should have a 6 month vacation, twice a year ^_^ LOL