[Song of the Day] “YOKO” – Berner feat. Chris Brown & Wiz Khalifa


“YOKO” – Berner feat. Chris Brown & Wiz Khalifa


I Love WIZ KHALIFA! hahahahha Just because I like his Music, and his Swagggg… it doesn’t not mean I’m a GROUPIE! lmao ^_^



Lol I think it’s still kind of crazy that Amber Rose & Wiz are dating now… jealous!!! hahaha


She makes Shaved Head looks BEAUTIFUL!!!


Amber Rose in her New VH1 Reality Show “Behind Her Shades”


She was also known for being the Former Girlfriend of Kanye West


No Lie… She be Killen Em…. ^_^

“Keep it Clean Cut; Like Bald Heads” – Fabolous {Killen Em}


Man… He is Soooo SEXY! lol


Okay, I hope you guys all liked the Song!! You know I got it on REPLAY!!!!

Happy Friday Everyone!! [[<3]]


“And my bitch got so much swag that these bad bitches on us

Ah! Killing y’all, pow! (dag) get a a coffin!” – Wiz Khalifa {Yoko}


End of Summer Outings Downtown Life


Sunday Night Downtown Portland at the Barrel Room

[ Shelley, Em, Me, Chi Linda, & Anny ]


It was actually Crackin on a Sunday Night!! It was a super last minute idea and I can’t believe everyone showed up! Lol! Great way to do share an Unexpected & Lovely Event! Lol


[ Anny, Me, & Em ]


All these Girls have always kept it 100. I’m so thankful I have you beautiful ladies in my Life.


Night Out on the Town!!  Time to Go Dancing!

One too many Jäger Bombs for me! LOL


“I love my Bitches I love my Bitches

All my Bitches who ’bout their Riches

Diamonds on their Wrist; pose for the Pictures

Hairs & Nails did and their Heels so Vicious”

-Trina {My Bitches}

{Blurry But I Still LOVE IT!}

Miss Anny & Miss Juicy

[ Em, Jen, Me, Shelley, Anny, & Fay ]

I’m So Fadeddddd lol


Wednesday Night Happy Hour at Portland City Grill

[ Fay, Anny, & Me ]

Portland City Grill 30th Floor ^_^

Girls Night!!!!!!

[ Fay, Anny, Me, Shelley, Jennifer, Victoria, & Em ]

Take 2 hahaha


{ Portland City Grill Bathroom Pic }


Ended Our Girl’s Night off with Voodoo’s Donut!


LOL Naomi wanted to say Hi! hahahaha