Graduation Season

This BLOG is SOOO OLD! I forgot to Post THIS! OOPS!



[R.I.P Ong Noi & John ]

“I’m so proud of my Cousin John for graduating from OSU Pharmacy School!!!! Woot woot!!!! You’re a LEGIT DRUG DEALER now!!!! bahaha Look at You!!! Doin B.I.G Things!!! I love you for everything you’ve done for me! You really held OUR Family together! Thank you for being YOU! For working sooooo hard and making our Family SO Proud!!! You made it John!!!”



Thuy, I could go on and on why I sweat your ass cheeks… But I just wanna say; I’ll always have your back chica. Thick or Thin Baby Girl…. It’s you from Day 1 and I never forgot that. Homeyyyyssss 4 Lifeeeeee! You really make me proud with all your accomplishments and success! I commend and solute you cuz you’re such a dedicated hard worker. It’s nice meeting another Real Go-Getter. It’s crazy cuz we can finally look back and just laugh! lol We can finally kick back and cruise now…. Lol I love you Ba Xa and Most of ALL: I’m so Happy you’re BACK iN TOWNNNN!!!!!!! (ughhh ohhhh..)”

“My Freshman Year with my old Roommate Anai at one of the UO Football Games – GO DUCKS! TO be So Young & Carefree”



So I know it’s been awhile since I did a meaningful Blog… So here it is another chapter in my Life…

Last month I saw all of my classmates graduating from College and all the University and watching them walk across that stage accepting their diplomas; it made me wish I was the one up there too with my  Cap & Gown… I wished I was raising my hands over my head saying “I DID IT!” too… This is a Bitter Sweet Moment for me…


My Graduation with my Family

Class of 2006  | Benson Polytechnic High School | Dental Assistant

In this picture it may look like we’re one big happy family, but I’m actually really surprised my Family showed up to my High School Graduation. It’s crazy how much a “Smile” can fool other people.



I was 17 when I ran away from home. To my parents I was their worst kid they could have ever raised. I’m not saying I’m a bad person, but I just wanted to do it My Way so I didn’t listen anyone… I thought I knew it all… It seems like no one understood me. In my Family’s eyes; I was the black sheep and REBELLIOUS… I would sneak out of my parent’s house, not come home, steal their car, not answer my phone, and was already into Drugs, Alcohol, and Sex. At times I didn’t even bother to come to any of the Family functions because all my aunts and uncles would give me dirty looks and start judging me as soon as I walk through the door. They warned all my Lil cousins that I was a “Bad Influence” and to stop hanging out with me (and they were right). When I say I know what it’s like to have your family turn their back on you… I Lived it.


The streets became my Home; and My Homies became my Blood.

[ Me . Anai . Kalong . Lily . Cathy  aka SEXY MAMAS]

this was taken at Lloyd Center Mall where we ALWAYS KICKED it at cuz I was working 4 jobs there!

Almost EVERY PERSON I know had a Dream of Graduating High School and going off to College (well… That was my dream for awhile)… And that was also my parent’s dreams.  But that wasn’t the Path I wanted for myself. This is where my Family and I bump heads a lot. Because I’m not traditional in any way; and I didn’t follow with the Pack.


[ Me & My Mother ]

“It’s a LOVE/HATE Relationship…”


[ MY Cousin Kimbo & I at my High School Graduation ]

“Thanks for always keepin me in Check”



On my own and no where to go; I called my homegirl Lily up (Sexy Mama’s 4 LIFE!) and her family allowed me to come stay with them. Lily’s family opened their homes to me and treated me like I was one of the Liu’s. They would cook me dinner and made sure there was always ice cream in the freezer… They gave me a Key to the house; while  my parents were changing their locks. For my senior year; my closets consist of 3 Full Black Garbage Bags and A Beat up Suitcase…. I’m so thankful for Lily cuz she shared everything with me when she really didn’t have to. She drove me to school every morning and made me stay on point. We shared a Queen Size Bed, Clothes, and a Room together (imagine how clean it was… NOT hahaha!) She was my support system when I didn’t know who to turn to.



[ Lily aka"Con Nui" (We adopted each other haha) ]

“Thank you Lily! I owe you more than you’ll ever know!”


That’s when I started to realize who was really down for you. I use to go kick it with my homeys and pretend I wasn’t “hungry” because I actually had no money to pay for my food. Only my True Homegirls had my back and spotted me and made sure I was fed…. I love my girls and that’s the reason why I will always remain loyal…


“Now when I go to any Restaurant; I order the whole menu because if I’m eating; we’re all eating!”

Senior Year 2006 – At Denny’s with my Sexy Mamas

[ Mona . Me. Anai . Lily . Cathy ]

hahahah this picture is SOOOO OLD! Before I was JulieMissJuicy! lol I LOVE US!



It’s kind of a trip looking back 5 years agoSeeing where my Life was and now… I came a long way from that Young Naive Lil  Girl… I can look back and still see that Adventurous Life Loving Free-Spirit in me though. My Life wasn’t all a fairy tale… There were moments in my Life where I wanted to give up… To stop trying, but I’m glad I over came those obstacles and it made me who I am today.


[ Thuy's Family ]

I went to Thuy’s Family BBQ and had a peek’s in Thuy’s world… We both grew up in the same Big Family settings. Our Parents are long lifetime friends and (let’s just say Portland is very small… Everyone knows everyone!) She has a beautiful family and I do envy her for that… This is the kinda Life I would of had… A Family that would throw me a huge party for my Graduation and for all my family members to be proud of all my hard work and accomplishments… But the thing I’m most jealous of all… was seeing Her Parent’s Faces with so much Pride & Joy


Freshman Year at UO – VSA Fall Meeting

[ Thuy . Me . Anai ]

LOL I love this picture! It reminds me of how FRESH we were! A part of me will always miss College. It’s weird because we both Started on the same paths in Life; but took Different roads… But still Ended up together again.


Being a young mom we sacrifice a lot of Normal things like ”Graduating from College”

Yeah, so what I dropped out of College, who gives a flying f*ck if your son and daughter is going to school…. School is a bunch of Square Activity Shit for the suckers who have no idea what they want to do with their life so they go to school to “buy time” and make them look like their “doing something” .  I rather be street smart than book smart any day. How is a piece a paper going to defined who I am? I did the whole College scene for 2 years and I knew I didn’t want to waste anymore of my precious years being a Broke Ass College Student…  AND In debt with Student Loans! hahaha


People who are in school aren’t all “Smart”; and People who’s NOT in school aren’t all “Stupid”…


I took the Scenic Route in Life and I don’t Regret it at all. I can say I experienced it all and I’m proud of MYSELF for always believing that I can make it. I did it all by NOT “playing it safe”. I took chances in Life and didn’t follow by the rules because I made my own rules. I’m grateful for everyone in my life and who supported me when I was so LOST… There’s no set plans in life… just GO WITH THE FLOW. Just because your dreams maybe different than your parents; doesn’t mean it’s wrong. It just means you want MORE OUT OF YOUR LIFE.


“Prepare for the Worst; Pray for the Best”


Even though I don’t have a College Diploma in my hand… I can still hold my head up high and know I AM Successful in My Own Way… That’s not going to make a difference in my daughter’s Life. Naomi is still going to HAVE EVERYTHING and MORE. I guarantee she’s going to have every opportunity available; and I’m still going to be PROUD of her no matter what  she does in Life. [[<3]]

Girls Trip to the Oregon Zoo






BFF [[<3]] Naomi & Teagan



The Oregon Zoo has the NEW Dinosaur Exhibt now!



Giddy Up Horsey!!!


Naomi Loves her Chicken!


Mama Diana & Baby Teagan


Vicky, Diana, & JulieMissJuicy





They were so Fascinated by the Fishes!

“Just keep swimming… Just Keep Swimming” – Finding Nemo

Look!  A Zebra!!!


“Don’t wait for the perfect moment; Take the moment and make it perfect”

A RINO!!!!


“Nobody really cares if you’re miserable, so you might as well be happy.”


Baboon Monkey! I LOVE THEIR BOOTY!!


Naomi Loves looking at the Crazy Black Bear


This was our Trip to the Zoo!

Thank Goodness it was nice and Sunny today!