Shopping with Daddy


Time to Get Suited & Booted !


It was a nice Family Sunday and Daddy decided to take us to Lloyd Center Mall so we could do a lil light weight shopping ^_^



“Just Throw it in the Bag!”

Nordstroms Half Yearly Sale for Mens


Sticker Attack!!!

Just Like Daddy; Naomi love her Kicks!


“Watch me embarrass my mommy!” ~ Naomi

until the next Shopping Adventure!!


“oh you fancy huh!”



“The happiest people dont have the best of everything; they just make the best of everything they have.”



Summer Shopping w/ Thuy




“People change like Seasons; so don’t expect everyone to make it pass every Season in your Life”


Thuy & I were on a SUMMER Shopping Mission today! lol We went to Clackamas Town Center Mall (only because it’s the closet SEPHORA) ^_^ Thuy also had to get Business Clothes because she’s starting her BRAND NEW Job at Progressive!!! WOOT WOOT! I’m so glad you landed a job and right out of college too! You ROCK BABE! [[<3]]



[ Snackpack, Crunch Dibs, & Sour Patch Kids for the Movies ]

Watching ‘Cars 2′ with My Lil Sidekick






This was our Summer Shopping! Also I’m goin to Cali next week (for My Man’s Cousin’s Vy’s Wedding)  and I’m just stocking up for some BOOTY SHORTS hahahhaha MAMA NEEDS A TAN! When I say we love to shop; I’m talking about WE CAN SHOP!!!! It’s so nice being able to do Girly fun things with your Bestie! She’ll be the one to tell you if “YOUR BUTT LOOKS HUGE IN THEM JEANS!” hahahha [[<3]]


“Every girl should Decorate herself.” ~ Jenny Mau

“She’s my Bestfriend; of course I’m going to tell her everything you just said! lol”



Naomi Loves the Spongebob Push-Ups! YUM!


Naomi loves looking at her Salt Water Fish Tank…

This is also her Scubba Diving Outfit lol

“Life Your Life in your Own Shoes; you will be more Happier and Appreciative of what you Have instead of what you Don’t”.

“Time to put on my Granny Panties!” ~ Naomi


It’s crazy how Me & Thuy can just chill and we don’t even have to go to the club. We could just sit around all day watching Khole & Lamar and it’ll still be the BEST DAY EVER! lol


Pinky Promise BFF’s

Thuy {Peace} . JulieMissJuicy {Love}