Top 3 favorite Snapchat Filters, the dog face, the butterfly crown, and the pretty filter.

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Married to the Hustle – Goals for my Twenties

Goals in my twenties:

  • Have two years of salary saved: one for emergencies and one to invest.
  • Own my home outright- no mortgage.
  • Own a building-a property I could rent out to generate income.
  • Go back to school and get my degree.
  • Have money saved for retirement.
  • Send my child to college.
  • Own a beach house in my county of origin.
  • Take a trip around the world.
  • Retire by age 65.


This year in March we got to experience traveling internationally to the Grand Cayman and meet up with our mentor and friend Mr. Com aka Lemonade Boy. It was a lot of work, but we found time to take the boat out and go swimming with the sting rays. You can watch this short video of our trip here. Happy to be apart of the DC Family! We’re Dream Chasing!

Join us on our next travel adventure to Australia, more blog post coming soon!